Selasa, 11 November 2008

Strategies to create a vision

According to Peter F. Drucker, the foundation of effective leadership is thinking vision and mission of the organization, study, and menegakkannya a clear and evident. Leaders set goals, determine priorities, and set and monitor standards.

Meanwhile, according to Tony Buzan in the book The Power of Spiritual Intelegence, vision is defined as the ability to think or plan the future with the wise and imaginative, using a mental picture of the situation that can and may occur in the future. The company's vision is the desire of companies that are ideal of carefully formulated, which determine the direction or future circumstances. The researchers see the vision as very important for the leadership, the implementation of the strategy and change (Doz & Prahalad, 1987; Hunt, 1991; Kotter, 1990; Robbins & Duncan, 1988; Sashkin, 1988).

Thus, the vision is the starting point of fact the next day a company. Vision, which is a very powerful ideas that can make the leap into the future beginning with the rally all the resources to realize the vision. Vision has the right lure and cause other people to make a commitment, generate energy and enthusiasm, to create meaning for the life of the company, to create standards that can be used to measure the success of the company, can be used outside people (customers) to measure the benefits for the company, a The main bridge between what is done now with companies that want the company in the future, is a major prerequisite for the moment and is the strategic basis for formulating the company's mission. Intel has a vision of encouraging ongoing innovation boundaries so that people can make life more fervent, more fulfilled and easier to manage. Intel's strong commitment to drive technology to make future has been the transformation of the world with a leap and bound. Intel is a company that always move in the circumstances, coal, creating an industry that never rest. Intel responses partner to develop innovative products and services, rally to support the industry can provide solutions with better resolution with collectively provide greater benefits and more quickly.

Bill Gates at the beginning of the founding of Microsoft, has the vision of "A computer on every desk in every home, running the Microsoft device." But after Bill Gates created the MS-DOS, it makes the Windows operating system as well as home use window (window) that caused Bill Gates to become Entrepreneurs richest in the world. It is not true is true that Bill Gates is merely a role in putting the PC in the office and at home in the world, but Bill Gates has the vision to see what is possible and the desire to change the vision into reality.

Thomas Watson Sr.. change the company name Computing Tabulating Recording Company became International Business Machine (IBM), even when not operate internationally, but Thomas Watson has a vision that the company later became the company that operates internationally. When Watson called the International Business Machine (IBM) many people when it mentertawakannya. Even if there is a name that Watson is too grown-blown company. But now IBM is a modern company and the manajernya become role models by setting the white shirt, plain tie, the spirit of selling out. In 2003 this company was selected as the IBM computer that the world's most spectacular version of Fortune magazine.

Jeff Bezos is the founder of, which initially only a bookstore .. Why does he call the company with Amazon. Because "the Amazon river is the largest river in the world" said Jeff Bezos. How the river Nile. River Nile is the longest river in the world, if compared with the volume of the water Amazon River is the only child the Amazon river. Amazon river contains 20% water world, then Jeff Bezos has on the company soon became the company which controlled 20% of the world market. to open the site E-Commernya in July 1995, the beginning of the book store and then spread to the compact disk (CD) and then to auction, and now thousands of different products and different traders. In 1996, to sell 15.7 million dollars and jumped into 600 million dollars in 1998. reported on November 1, through December 23, 2002, consumers who do order in the world 56 million items to become the best online stores 2002 version of Yahoo magazine.

John F. Welch, Jr. (former CEO) of General Electric stated: "We use the three principles set the atmosphere for the operation and behavior at General Electric: no border in all our behavior, speed in everything we do and peregangan in each of the targets that we set" . Behavior without border rally twelve global business major, each number one or number two in the market, to a laboratory in the area of the produkutamanya is a new idea, along with the general commitment to disseminate the company's history. Speed is something that does not usually found in the company of General Electric, General Electric, but in the form found in the speed of product development, design re-recycling (from order to delivery), set back the ability to reduce investment and factory equipment. Peregangan means using dreams to set targets that exceed the set target.

Web Design Opportunity

If you’re in business today, a website is as important as an ad in the Yellow Pages. With a Web presence, you’ve got access to millions of potential customers around the world–it’s like rolling out a major advertising supplement, marketing brochure and mail order catalog in one easily updated package.

And all without printing, postage or phone costs! The problem is that for most people, designing a website is on a par with building your own TV set–a major mystery best left unexplored. But if you can unlock the secrets of HTML and you’ve got a flair for graphics and copywriting, then Website design could be the business for you. The advantages to this business are that it’s creative, you can start part-time on a minimal budget, and even if you don’t already know HTML, it’s not difficult to learn once you set your mind to it. And you can deal with clients in any geographic region without leaving your computer. You should have a good rapport with your computer and have mastered the basic skills to get around in cyberspace. You’ll also need a talent for graphics and copywriting because your goal for each client will be not only to get the website up and running but to design one that’s easy to navigate through, visually appealing, and clearly yet cleverly worded. Get started by designing a few sample sites to showcase your talents, and be sure to mix up your sample work to include e-commerce, information portal, and so on.

Starting from the education business

Many complained that to open a business opportunity is not there. This is a classic complaint that can not be with us again. Indeed, to start a business we can do with a variety of ways, one with the education that we have. Jerry Yang and David Filo, the founders of Yahoo start a business with education. They are students from Stanford University. Yahoo started from the back parking lots is now growing rapidly. Jerry Yang and David Filo started the business from small and simple. Jerry Yang describes the discovery that Yahoo is "an accident" when he and Filo tesisnya complete. Filo and that this launch Yahoo when they sit in the universities, before they complete studies. They start doing business with the listing several web sites that they like and write some software that allows a website to get other web sites that will be placed on a web portal called. At the time established in 1994, named Terry's Guide To The World Wide Web. When they know that their sites visited by people from 90 countries, spontaneously say "Yahoo" and finally the words that are used to name their company. In 1999, Yahoo reach star status. Net income in quadruplicate fourth quarter of 57.6 million dollars, while revenue jump from 91 million dollars into 201 million dollars. Now, Yahoo is the best portal in 2002.

Kiichiro Toyoda is the son of the founder of the company Toyoda Spinning & Weaving Co., which moves in the field of automatic loom. After completing engineering studies, he decided to start a business with the company to change the car into production and change the company name from Toyoda become Toyota in the year 1936. Kiichiro Toyoda became President of the company's Toyota until 1950. The first car made the Model AA Model and the Crown. Overseas offices established in Taiwan is first and then Saudi Arabia. Company starters began to produce forklift trucks (vessel / trailer), which made the number one company in the world in this market. Trucks entering the United States market of 1958 and 1965 the UK market. But the Model Crown failed to enter the United States, because the car is designed for the Japanese market, are not designed for the roads free of the constraints in the United States. Finally, Toyota Corolla make in 1968 and achieve success so that they can shift Volkswagen as the number one imported car in the United States. Even penetrate the heart of the city United States by cooperating with General Motors to Toyota in the United States. Camry is a car with tersukses sales in the United States in 1997. Toyota is now reaching the business to other sectors, namely financial services, telecommunications, housing, machinery navy, recreational boats, the distribution of parts and flight services. Now Toyota is the number three car maker in the world after General Motors and Ford. Yoyota have to sell 5 million vehicles per year.

Pierre Omidyar started the business with a degree in computer science. He was interested in developing the technology for different products and consumers love the idea that he can take the concept with all the way through the delivery of products to consumers, and their reaction shows and changing them. Internet gives you a place to do it, because you can publish software quickly, you can get a reaction from your customers quickly and Andapun do know if the error quickly. He thinks, how the auction in Paris of participants do not go to Paris, but in their homes or offices in each. Finally Omidyar founded on the Internet auction company with the name eBay in 1995. Before Omidyar founded eBay with i establish eSharp, which provide experience as Entrepreneurs. eBay is a company that relies on trust. Imagine! People want to pay what dilelangkan with only see an image only. Without trust this company will not run. Net income more than three times reached 1.35 million dollars in the third quarter of 1999, with sales increased to 58.5 million dollars. The amount of that conduct registration on the site eBay increased from 5.6 million to be 7.7 million compared with the previous quarter and increased 1.3 million dollars in the same period the previous year. Penjulan value of the goods on the web site jump from 195 million dollars into 741 million dollars. eBay auction is the best company in the Internet in 2002, the magazine version of Yahoo.

About what makes you great. What separates you and I made history as Entrepreneurs "said Anita Roddick. With the history of his love of the environment eventually make the concept of "natural", to make herb-pure ingredients, do not test on animals and friendly to the environment and indigenous population, where the herb-derived ingredients. With almost no advertising at all but with the publicity that is very passive, The Body Shop has become one of the legends of the world.

Ir. Ciputra start a business with the education field of architecture and properties, because it of Architecture faculty alumni ITB 1960. Ciputra now as the President Director of PT Ciputra Development (CD) and President Commissioner of PT Jaya Realty (JR) and the CEO off the public's best 1997 version Sembada Swa magazine.

My education after completing a Master of Arts Management with friends established the Masters of Business Administration, in cooperation with the West Coast of the Institute of Management and Technology, Australia and Warnbrough University, the United Kingdom before any regulations on the MBA program. Once the rules are and then establish a Master of Arts Management Program at STIE "Artha body Iswara" Surabaya. Currently, students Magister Management Program is about 1000 students, perhaps the Master's Program Management that the number of students in Indonesia. So Andapun can start your business with education, and when the course.

Self actualization World Figure

Abraham Maslow examines the figures of the world's people called extraordinary. These figures among others, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Albert Einstein, Eleanor Roosevelt, Goethe, DT SUSUKI, Benjamin Franklin, William Russell, Jane Addams, William James and figures of the other world. These people are called teraktualisasi himself. Features the most universal and the public from these figures is their ability to see life with a clear view of what life is not according to their desire, be patient, be more objective on the results of their observations, personal desires are not misleading their observation, have in kemampuanjauh above average in terms of assessing the appropriate people in the dive and falsity. Generally, the choice of partner in their marriage far better than average, even if not perfect.

Owing to the perception that they are powerful, figures that this teraktualisasi themselves more firmly and have a more clear understanding of right and wrong. They predict more telling of events that will occur. The ability to see efficient, more accurate rate on those "a man full of" this was also to infiltrate the life of other many, in the form of understanding not only of the people but the art, music, issues and political philosophy. Figures tersebutmampu penetrate and see the realities-confusing reality completely hidden in a more nimble and more tapat than the average person.

However, they are humble, able to listen to other people with full patience, would acknowledge that they do not know everything and want to learn from other people. Other people will be able to teach them something. Perception is a powerful part of the birth and in understanding better about themselves. This concept can also be depicted as a simple nature in children and lacking ostentation. Children often listen without prakonsepsi or previous assessment. As the children of the world with wide eyes, far from critics and without sin, to observe the problem is, without challenge or demands of the matter.

God: "O Moses, if you understand why I speak directly to you." Moses: "You Know Most of it all." God: "I know every human heart, but did not see a more humble, such as hearts, because it's having a direct talk." Demikialah word of God that He Kaa'ab Al-Ahbar.

A profitable business

Value is the guidelines to act or behave that comes from within, in the form of the principles of how to live and make decisions.

Value, the first time are introduced by their parents in infancy and then added by teachers, religious belief, of association and the environment. Spiritual values, when this is the foundation of individual behavior is very important. Why it is important to know the value of an individual? Although this does not have a direct impact on behavior, values with a strong influence attitudes one. So the knowledge of the value system of an individual can give insight into the attitudes-attitudes.

With edge-known that the value of different people, managers can use the Rokeach Values Survey, the share value into two groups, namely the value of the instrument and the value of goals that can be used to assess the potential employee and whether the set of values they segaris with the dominant values of organization. Performance and satisfaction an employee will most likely be more mengaggap very important, imagery, clack bergantungan, and freedom will most likely be poor value conformity with an organization that organize the compliance of its employees. The manager will be more likely mengahargai, with a positive rate, and distributing benefits to employees in accordance with the organization, and employees will be more likely event if they perceive that they are appropriate. This is the defense of the management strive for the selection of new employees to find candidates who not only have the ability, experience and motivation, but also a system of values appropriate (compatible) with the value system of organization.

The manager should be interested in the attitudes employees because of their attitude to provide warning of potential problems and because attitudes affect behavior. Karyawanyang pride in and commitment to, for example, have come out and the level of absenteeism is lower. If managers want to stop the application and decreased attendance - especially among their employees productive - they will want to do things that will generate a positive working attitude, so write Stephen Robbins in organizational Behavior.

The company is guided by the value of proven success in the long term. Grameen Bank is a company that values with the vision of the world without poverty. Grameen Bank founded by Muhammad Yunus has only one purpose, namely to distribute credit for the poor in Bangladesh.

Values that put Muhammad Yunus to the employee or the staff to make Grameen Bank grew rapidly. First groups to help mothers are poor bamboo craftsman, has now helped 46,000 villages in Bangladesh. Moreover, if the business is guided by the value of worship to God, then the business will gain the most. "God loves those who easily in the sale, purchase, repayment and billing. He who gives to the people of the suspension of the (to pay the debt) or lead to, then God will menghisabnya with penghisaban the light. Whoever receives the purchase back from those who deplore purchase, cancel, Allah (remove) admitted on the Day of Resurrection. "Heat dawn.